Meet the Artist

Hiya! My name is Laura, but my friends call me Leila.  I grew up in the country surrounded by amazing nature and wildlife.  I was always playing in the garden, exploring the forest, camping, and making new animal friends.  My time was spent designing jewellery for friends, painting, writing poetry, and trying to capture the beauty we are surrounded with.

This led to my journey into the art world, taking classes, and exploring different art mediums. For many years art & jewellery making were only my hobby, with a few commissions here and there.  But, after losing my job during the Covid pandemic, and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I decided I wanted to pursue my passions again and see if I could make it a career.  Now I am full force ahead with creating unique jewellery pieces that spark joy, and bring out their whimsical bohemian side.  That's how Leila Eden Designs was born.

I absolutely love my job because I can take it with me anywhere.  I might be outside in the grass, in the shadow of a mountain, in a canoe overlooking a lake or on a hike with my dog when an idea strikes.  I love being allowed to let my imagination and hands flow to create new designs for my customers. 

From a little girl laying in the grass with her sketch pad to who I am today, I will always be inspired by nature, light, and observing the inspiring flora and fauna around us from a unique perspective. I hope you love these intricate mosaics as much as I enjoyed creating them for you all! 

Thank you so much for supporting my small business and big dreams ;)